Day 1: bodypower shred

Starting weight : 112.6 Ibs

Day 1, and it’s already starting to affect me! Macros are low and high cardio! Although, I must say, I was extremely good today and didn’t even get cheeky with snacks for once!

Today was arms and abs day!

Inner and outter  Biceps curls 4×10 (4kg)
tricep ropepull downs 3×8 (heaviest as possible)
overhead tricep extension with dumbbell 4×10. (4kg)
Skullcrushers with barbell 3×6 (10kg)

Overhanging Leg raises 3×8
weighted crunches 4×12
Kettlebell side obligue crunches 3×12
Romanian ab twists 4 sets till failure

7 minute HIIT on the elliptical machine at 45 secs high rate, 1 minute rest
20 minute treadmill straight after
80 percent incline, level 6 speed


Post workout : 4 eggwhites, 3 unsmoked bacon medallions and 2 pieces of turkey bacon.


Dinner: homemade burger with sweet potato fries and brocolli – this was amazing,  haven’t felt so full after a meal in a while, especially when its within my macros too!


Snacks for cinema : Banana protein Pancakes!   This was perfect to curb my popcorn craving!  Definately worth saving my macros for the end of the day!

Good night everyone! 
Fingerscrossed my weight drops a little tomorrow! 


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