Day 15 : Bodypower shred

Current weight : 112 Ibs

MICHELLE LEWIN IS GOING TO BODYPOWER!!!!! even more of a reason for me to make bigger gains!

Sorry I’ve neglected my blogs, My weight was an issue for a while and had awhole new programme set for me, so was adjusting to it and had no specific news to report untill today!

My weight is finally dropping, which started on Monday!

The whole problem to my non-existent weight loss was due to the fact that I wasn’t burning enough quality calories.

Before I was on a calorie deficit of 800 calories a day. Which meant I would lose 3200 calories a week even without any cardio.. but clearly this was taking a toll on me.

Now, I simple have a 600 calorie deficit each day. AND do 5 sessions on the treadmill burning 250 calories each time. Makes me a much happier person!

Check out my youtube video if you feel it!

Until next time !

Ling x


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